Shots! Shots! Shots! Everybody!

I’m heading on my first adventure of the year and it’s the special time before a big trip to a third world country that you have to get the appropriate shots. Of course, I waited until the last possible moment to get mine. I had to emotionally (overcome my needle fear) and financially (they ain’t cheap) reconcile the need to get all of these shots. My thoughts. How many folks have actually gotten Japanese Encephalitis that would warrant a $300 round of shots? Besides, Malaria may be the diet plan I have always been looking for. Reluctantly I got many of the “necessary” shots and started my typhoid pills because it is recommended for “adventurous” eaters like myself. As soon as I get off the plane in Mumbai, I plan on developing an almost conjoined situation with my bottle of bug spray and will slather myself with as much deet that is humanly and medically possible. I guess it’s pretty pointless to pack perfume at this point. Eau de Deet anyone?


New Year, New Blog. Well, kind of..

(image from & a random search)

(image from & some random search)

2014 turned out to be quite a year for me. A lot of change, some growth and a bit of excitement. God, I learned sooo much. I kinda wish I documented it all, well, at least a few things. So I’m reviving the old blog. Out of with old content and in with the new. Let’s see what 2015 will bring..