To love with courageous softness.

My friend Sonia posted this on Facebook today. Her friend had shared this on Facebook earlier. I’m not sure if it was her friend’s original thought or from a book but I wanted to share it with you.

“If you were to write a list of all the qualities you were looking for in a partner, “distant and uninterested” would not be on it. You would never intentionally choose someone who wasn’t choosing you. So why do we continue to chase those who always feel just a little out of reach?We must take ownership of the way we want to be loved. It’s easy to feel disheartened when someone is incapable of supporting you. It’s easy to feel rejected and betrayed, to feel powerless. We must remember that we will never have control over how others choose to show up, but we always have control over how we do. Love takes a certain courageous softness. Love requires us to value ourselves enough to want it all – the spark, the stability, the support, all of it. The big love, the real love, forces us to fight for our own worthiness. And while we learn to stand firm in our enoughness, we must also learn to be kind and compassionate to those who are incapable of loving us in the way we need. It’s easy to blame others for failing to be our person when we really, really wanted them to be our person. But resentment breeds powerlessness. Resentment feeds the idea that life is happening TO you and not FOR you. Resentment is toxic. Choose to stand up for what you need, even if you know you that means releasing someone that you care for. Dissonance comes when our intuition is telling us to let go, but our mind and ego, even our heart, tell us to hold on. Trust your gut.You will never be too much for the right person. You will never have to change in order to create true connection. If someone can’t appreciate your loveliness, they aren’t meant to be.” 

Impression made.



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