Happy Weigh-In Cody the Crow!

I get a lot of requests for suggestions and recommendations on where to eat around Austin but today I got an interesting request. See the tweet below. Challenge accepted. Let’s have some fun!


Of course I don’t know how many calories this guy needs to consume to get to his dream fighting weight, so here’s a list of places I would venture if I wasn’t worried about putting on a few lbs or 10 in one sitting.

Craft Pride – fill up on Texas craft beers and Via 313. Get: The Detroiter, The Cadillac, The Four Cheese and whatever special they are running. If that isn’t enough, throw in The Meatball for good measure. Then pick a favorite and order that again.

Too bad the burger challenge is over so you can’t get the $250 GC to enjoy and celebrate winning your fight. But I say screw it, you can still do it anyways. 6 burgers in one day you say. Do it. You would still be winning at life. And don’t forget the fries.

East Side King Roundup – hit up Thai Kun at Whisler, East Side King at Liberty Bar and East Side King at Four Horsemen. At each spot, make sure you’re drinking beer after beer or as the bartender to make you the most caloric drink and make it a double.

BBQ Mashup – unfortunately, you don’t have time to wait for the best BBQ in town, Franklin Barbecue, so stop by Micklethwait and just clear them out by ordering all of the meats, Frito pie, potato salad, cole slaw and grits. Don’t be shy.

Need a little southern comfort? Who doesn’t! I say hit up Red Star Southern at Wonderland and order the fried chicken, pulled pork, pimento cheese, mac & cheese, biscuits and gravy, creamed corn, hush puppies, deviled eggs and braised greens. Repeat at needed.

You are in Austin and we pride ourselves in our taco love. So how about a tour de taco – Veracruz’s All Natural (get the migas), El Chilito (ask to make your taco puffy), Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon, Tacodeli and Papalote. If you see Mexican street corn at any of these places, order one or two orders and ask them to add extra mayo & cotija cheese. And don’t forget the queso!

Hope this helps. Have a great fight!

Disclaimer: Don’t mind the writing, it has been a while. Also this was a very fast response and of course, there are so many amazing places around Austin and this is just a few. 


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