A Cow Sighting, Finally.

Yesterday, we had an action packed day. It started with an authentic yoga session where our yogi gave us a full mind and body stretch. The more flexible I become the more flexible my mind will be. Deep.

Later we toured the Mattancherry Palace also know as the Dutch Palace and learned about the progressive matriarchal tradition of inheritance and that women basically hung around the houses topless until the British invaded the island and then they had to cover up. Jerks. As we walked out, we saw our first cow casually strolling down the street. It’s cute right? Yeah, it’s cute when you go to pet it and it stabs you in the thigh. He’s very lucky that his little horn only left a bruise. Back home I eat cows like him for dinner all the time.

the jerk cow

the jerk cow

Next we headed to “Jew Town” and the oldest synagogue in India. Once the city was full of “white and black jews” only has 7 jews left. There are 7 practicing religions in Kerala/Kochi and they all seem to show a lot of respect towards each others faiths. Shocking I know. Well with the exception of the white and black jews. Apparently they didn’t get along hence why there are so few now. I finished off our tour on a mad shopping spree of scarfs, clothes and spices. And I got to test out my negotiating skills on a Kashmir shopkeeper who offered himself as part of a scarf sale. It may have been an added bonus but I left with a scarf only. I stocked up on cardamom pods and black peppercorns. I’ll hit up the cinnamon in Sri Lanka.

For lunch we had the opportunity to eat on the roof top of Gloria’s home. Gloria and her family made us this amazing meal that took days to make and served it on banana leaves. After our initial meal was over, we had to scrap all the remnants off to the left for the dessert round of cardamom rice pudding. Her family couldn’t have been more gracious. It was one of the best Indian meals I have ever had. The experience was truly unique.

2015-01-18 13.49.37

Raghavan took us to another home for dinner. Nimmy Paul started her at home cooking school years ago and as word of mouth grew so did her business. Raghavan has known her for years so she welcomed us like family. We watched her skillfully cook four different dishes – Kerala Curry, Potato Masala,Thoren, and Chemeen Ularthu in a clay pot. If those suckers weren’t so heavy, I would totally be packing one in my suitcase for home. Afterwards we had the opportunity to dine on the dishes in a four course dinner complete with wine from Sri Lanka.

2015-01-18 18.23.31

Nimmy Paul Welcoming Us!

Tomorrow we head to Sri Lanka. Can’t wait.


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